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I am amazed at how quickly the baby birds grow. I have watched the progress in baby chicks before but still am surprised everytime I check on these baby birds.

baby wrens
babies checking me out while I check them out

As you can see by the picture, the nest is in a hanging plant. Wrens seem to make their nest in just about any little nook or cranny. I am watching them daily and this afternoon while snapping additional photos of the babies, the mother flew up and fed them. I didn’t have my good camera but I still took a couple of shots in hopes that I could doctor them up in photoshop. If so, I will share tomorrow.

I haven’t shared any pictures of my rooster and hens lately so here are some of my flock.rooster and hens
Pictured are from lower to upper: Ugly, an Aracauna hen; Rooster, a cross-breed between a Light Brahma rooster and a black Sexlink hen; and Henny Penny, a cross-breed the same mix as Rooster. Where the colors came from in the rooster I do not know because the father was white with a tail the same color as his. The mother was solid black.

In the background is a Silver-laced Wyandotte hen called Lacy that you can just barely see around the rooster. I also have a Barred-rock hen called Pepper.
This rooster has the best disposition. So did his father. I have heard tales of some mean roosters and am sure as I grow my flock I will run across some. I am not looking forward to the day because I have heard they can be vicious.

Unfortunately for my backyard chickens, they are having to stay in a pen the majority of the time. Our house is up for sale and some people just do not like my animals. Occasionally I let them out if I know for sure someone is not looking at the house. The last time I did though the chickens got in my flower bed and scratched up all the new plants I had just planted the day before.

My friend is currently building her a hen house and I am anxious to see the progress. I will definitely share when I go to visit her with camera in hand. She does a good job in building stuff so I am sure it will be great.

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