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If you have watched birds at one time or another you have probably seen one fighting with the image of itself in a mirror. It seems at our house the Tutfted Titmouse takes the prize for being the most aggressive.

This little bird is enthralled with my husbands truck mirrors. They are large and seem to attract them no matter where it is sitting.

bird fighting Tufted Titmouselaunch attack Tufted TitmouseWho Won?  Tufted Titmouse
These little birds are so much fun to watch. I don’t know what attracts them to the mirrors, but it makes no difference if it parked in the front or back yard, they find his truck.

Here is a couple of more pictures from some of my visitors outside my office window. There are actually two doves and they hang out in the bushes but do wander out occasionally. The size of them tells me they are young. Very cute!
mourning doveadventurous mourning dove
These are pictures of only one of the doves. I will work at catching them both together in one shot.

Today it is kind of dreary outside but I will keep a close watch to see if I can find some of my other feathered friends doing some of their bird antics.

Until the next time…

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