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Looks like we are going to have another woodpecker family in our backyard. Actually this is in our neighbors backyard but close enough that I can see it from the chicken pen.


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last picture of baby wrens before launch
Last picture before they launched.

Mother wren feeding babies
Mother feeding babies.

The pictures above were taken on the 31st. Earlier today, April 1st, I went to check on my chickens and of course, the nest of wrens, and there was all kinds of chirping going on from the wren family. It seems our neighbor’s cat was spying on the babies as they were leaving the nest. Even the squirrels were screeching at them!

I ran the cat off but had to keep a close eye on it because it kept coming back over in our yard.

Anyway, the babies launched on April Fool’s Day! There will be no more baby wren pictures unless I find another nest. Next will be the baby chicks when they hatch, which is not far off.

Until the next entry…

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My apologies to those who visited this blog and noticed no current entries. I have been busy trying to earn a living with my business as a business coach, that I have ignored one of my favorite past times.

With this being early spring in Florida, the weather is awesome and the colors outside are gorgeous. I have not taken any photos of late of the birds that are visiting but we have a large variety, as I suspect many do. One thing I did notice was the hummingbirds were later this year than last. It could be this cooler than normal weather.

hummingbird feed, bluebird boxI now have my feeder back on my window so when I am online I can watch the hummers feed. I also have a view of a bluebird box outside of my office window. The bluebirds are back and are nesting soon to be raising another family. Last year they raised two families out of the box.

Anyway, for now I am back and will share a few photos I have from my current flock of chickens and also backyard visitors.

cardinal and others on platform feeder

cardinal on backyard platform feeder
I promise I will try to get a better camera and work on my photography skills. Thank you stopping in and checking out my blog. Leave a comment with a link to your blog as I enjoy reading other blogs that have some of the same interests as me.

backyard chickens

Here’s my last picture for today. If you have read any of the entries from this blog you will know I really enjoy my backyard chickens. My Rhode Island Red, Rhoda, is nesting at this time so about April 10th I will have some new little chicks to keep me entertained. I will keep you updated as to the progress.

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