Baby wrens and more

baby wren chicksAre these not the cutest? Well maybe not cute but precious. There are for sure 4 baby wrens in this nest (can you see the beaks in the pictures?). I think there may be a fifth but not for sure. They are about a week old and it is amazing how much they have grown.

The mother made the nest in a hanging plant outside my husband’s shop. I frequent and watch but try not to disturb.

More baby wrens Here’s another and in this one there is definitely one looking at the camera. I had to shake the nest a little to get them to respond :).

It is amazing what you will find in your backyard if you go out and visit.

I am getting frequent visit of finches now. In a post from yesterday, you might have noticed a blurry finch in a picture. At this time of year, the males are in the molting stage and are just starting to show their bright yellow colors. Occasionally I will see one that is fully molted (I hope I am saying that correctly. If not, please forgive as I am a newbie or a wannabe birder).

Later today I will post a couple of pictures of my nesting hen. I have them taken but it is very early morning here so I am in need of some shut-eye.

What the heck, it’s only a couple of pictures. Here they are–Rhoda sitting on her nest. She doesn’t look like she is in a good mood, does she?

Rhode Island Red nesting henRhode Island Red nesting hen 2
Thanks for looking. If you enjoy my entries, please let me know. I would hate to think I am wasting my time!

Until the next entry…I’ll be looking for more bird info to share and chicken antics to make you smile.


I’m back

My apologies to those who visited this blog and noticed no current entries. I have been busy trying to earn a living with my business as a business coach, that I have ignored one of my favorite past times.

With this being early spring in Florida, the weather is awesome and the colors outside are gorgeous. I have not taken any photos of late of the birds that are visiting but we have a large variety, as I suspect many do. One thing I did notice was the hummingbirds were later this year than last. It could be this cooler than normal weather.

hummingbird feed, bluebird boxI now have my feeder back on my window so when I am online I can watch the hummers feed. I also have a view of a bluebird box outside of my office window. The bluebirds are back and are nesting soon to be raising another family. Last year they raised two families out of the box.

Anyway, for now I am back and will share a few photos I have from my current flock of chickens and also backyard visitors.

cardinal and others on platform feeder

cardinal on backyard platform feeder
I promise I will try to get a better camera and work on my photography skills. Thank you stopping in and checking out my blog. Leave a comment with a link to your blog as I enjoy reading other blogs that have some of the same interests as me.

backyard chickens

Here’s my last picture for today. If you have read any of the entries from this blog you will know I really enjoy my backyard chickens. My Rhode Island Red, Rhoda, is nesting at this time so about April 10th I will have some new little chicks to keep me entertained. I will keep you updated as to the progress.

From the Tree Tops

Here is a picture of a frequent visitor in my backyard.

Hawk in search of Food

When I had little chicks running around in the backyard the hawks frequently spied and waited to pounce upon them.  The chickens make a strange noise warning each other when a hawk is in the area.  Even the young chicks make this noise and run to the bushes. 

I have other pics of things in my backyard, besides birds, and I will share in a later post.  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


I just love this video I found on You Tube. I wish I had as many hummingbirds as this person does on their feeders.

I have been practicing taking more photos of the birds in my area.  I will post another hummer shot in the next few days.

Carole DeJarnatt 

More from my backyard


I have been busy posting in my business blog and have let my personal blog lapse.  As a blogger I feel a responsibility to keep it updated so I apologize for my absence and lack of posting.

Today I want to share more pics from my backyard birds.  These birds being my chickens.  I have a breed called Aracana or some call it Americana.  This bird is not very pretty and we have named it Ugly.  The one cool thing about this chicken is that it lays green eggs.  When we mention this to acquaintances or friends, most have never seen a green egg.  The egg is also a jumbo egg and is rich.  So even though it is an ugly bird, it does lay some very cool eggs.

At our local county fair I saw a pair of this breed and they were a buff color.  When I get more space in my backyard to expand my flock, I plan on adding a buff colored bird to my flock.

Ugly may not be very pretty, but she is one cool bird.  When I come out the door she runs to greet me and is always present when I am outside.  She is very friendly and seems to get along with the other chickens in the flock very well.  So the saying beauty is only skin deep goes well for the birds also.


Backyard Beauties #2

To continue on with the previous blog entry, below is a picture of the bird that is nesting right now.  She was born in May 2005 also.  Her and the rooster were real tight in the beginning since they were from the same nest. 


She has already nested one time this year and I am raising the two chicks from that batch separately.  She grew mean and very protective of her brood when she was nesting with them.  But it is amazing when the hen decides it is time to leave the nest she will leave and not have anything to do with the little ones.  After this we have to keep the little chicks penned up.  We have learned through the few times of raising chicks that you have to keep them penned up while they are little or the hawks will get them.  I let them out in the evening and they definitely enjoy that.  I will post pictures of them in a later post.

Hope you enjoy the reading.  Until tomorrow with another post, Faithfully, Carole 

Backyard Beauties

As promised in an earlier entry, I am going to share my flock of chickens I have in my backyard. Today I will start with the head of the flock and that is the rooster. He is a beautiful bird and was born in May 2006; the day my youngest son graduated from high school. He is so friendly. At night I pet him after he gets on the roost. His name is Rooster, like Rooster Cogburn from the John Wayne movie.

Head Rooster

Head Rooster

He rules the coop at our house. In our coop we have five hens, two upcoming babies, and Rooster. Right now I have one nesting on no eggs whatsoever. I don’t understand that ritual but I am not a bird so what do I know. We have one hen, an Aracuana that lays green eggs. When I post a photo of her I will also post a photo of her egg. When we first got the bird that was the first green egg I had ever seen.

Let me tell you the story on how the birds came to be in our backyard. My husband attends an animal auction on Thursday evenings. They have birds, chickens, roosters, rabbits, geese, ducks, peacocks; you name they have it. Everytime he attended I asked him to bring me home some quail. At this time we had no animals in our backyard except a dog.

One day I arrived home from a business trip and I was in the kitchen and heard a rooster crow. I ran out the back door and there was a rooster and three hens. That was in 2005. We have been through the first set of animals and have gotten babies and raised a few and lost a few. The first rooster died. He was beautiful also in a different way. He was all white with a dark green/black tail. Another hen died not too long ago and since then I bought two more.

I will share photos of my flock of chickens as days go by. I enjoy backyard chickens as much as watching wild birds.

Until tomorrow, Carole

Additional info 4-8-08: We’ve Moved! Come visit us at our new location http://www.fowlvisions.com. We are moving the rooster and all, so be sure to stop in!