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In some of my past travels through Alabama, I pulled up a piece of a Wisteria vine growing along the side of the road. I think the vines are beautiful and they multiply greatly.

It seems my rooster and chickens have a different opinion of the vine. Normally at this time of the year the bees are all over it. Since the chickens are penned up, they have managed to keep the bees away and enjoy the plant. Some of the plants are low hanging and the chickens and rooster jump up to pull some of the blooms off the vine.

Rooster checking out the wisteria vinerooster jumping for the wisteria vine
My acrobatic rooster. The hens also do the same thing, I just haven’t caught them in action with the camera.

It won’t be long now before the baby chicks are hatched. I love watching how they grow overnight and change before my eyes. I will be sure to keep you updated when the event happens.

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I am amazed at how quickly the baby birds grow. I have watched the progress in baby chicks before but still am surprised everytime I check on these baby birds.

baby wrens
babies checking me out while I check them out

As you can see by the picture, the nest is in a hanging plant. Wrens seem to make their nest in just about any little nook or cranny. I am watching them daily and this afternoon while snapping additional photos of the babies, the mother flew up and fed them. I didn’t have my good camera but I still took a couple of shots in hopes that I could doctor them up in photoshop. If so, I will share tomorrow.

I haven’t shared any pictures of my rooster and hens lately so here are some of my flock.rooster and hens
Pictured are from lower to upper: Ugly, an Aracauna hen; Rooster, a cross-breed between a Light Brahma rooster and a black Sexlink hen; and Henny Penny, a cross-breed the same mix as Rooster. Where the colors came from in the rooster I do not know because the father was white with a tail the same color as his. The mother was solid black.

In the background is a Silver-laced Wyandotte hen called Lacy that you can just barely see around the rooster. I also have a Barred-rock hen called Pepper.
This rooster has the best disposition. So did his father. I have heard tales of some mean roosters and am sure as I grow my flock I will run across some. I am not looking forward to the day because I have heard they can be vicious.

Unfortunately for my backyard chickens, they are having to stay in a pen the majority of the time. Our house is up for sale and some people just do not like my animals. Occasionally I let them out if I know for sure someone is not looking at the house. The last time I did though the chickens got in my flower bed and scratched up all the new plants I had just planted the day before.

My friend is currently building her a hen house and I am anxious to see the progress. I will definitely share when I go to visit her with camera in hand. She does a good job in building stuff so I am sure it will be great.

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As promised in an earlier entry, I am going to share my flock of chickens I have in my backyard. Today I will start with the head of the flock and that is the rooster. He is a beautiful bird and was born in May 2006; the day my youngest son graduated from high school. He is so friendly. At night I pet him after he gets on the roost. His name is Rooster, like Rooster Cogburn from the John Wayne movie.

Head Rooster

Head Rooster

He rules the coop at our house. In our coop we have five hens, two upcoming babies, and Rooster. Right now I have one nesting on no eggs whatsoever. I don’t understand that ritual but I am not a bird so what do I know. We have one hen, an Aracuana that lays green eggs. When I post a photo of her I will also post a photo of her egg. When we first got the bird that was the first green egg I had ever seen.

Let me tell you the story on how the birds came to be in our backyard. My husband attends an animal auction on Thursday evenings. They have birds, chickens, roosters, rabbits, geese, ducks, peacocks; you name they have it. Everytime he attended I asked him to bring me home some quail. At this time we had no animals in our backyard except a dog.

One day I arrived home from a business trip and I was in the kitchen and heard a rooster crow. I ran out the back door and there was a rooster and three hens. That was in 2005. We have been through the first set of animals and have gotten babies and raised a few and lost a few. The first rooster died. He was beautiful also in a different way. He was all white with a dark green/black tail. Another hen died not too long ago and since then I bought two more.

I will share photos of my flock of chickens as days go by. I enjoy backyard chickens as much as watching wild birds.

Until tomorrow, Carole

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